Money Updates

Mojave HS has begun Andson Money Program with partnership from Nevada Partners!

Academics Updates

Andson Academics Students at Hollingsworth have increased

their reading words per minutes by 2X in 3 months!


  • Andson’s Roadmap to College!

Andson’s Roadmap to College!

  • March 3rd, 2015

We know that navigating through college savings plans can seem overwhelming.

The infographic below can [...]


Empowering Through Education
We at Andson believe that delivering both financial and educational support to students, can aid not only in their academic careers, but also in their personal development. Our programs develop and empower students to achieve sound and promising futures.
Our Mission
Educate, inform and inspire children, youth and young adults by delivering innovative programs in academics, financial literacy and mentoring.
Our Vision
Our programs will challenge all students to become successful, lifelong learners who will strengthen our community in a diverse and changing world.
Our efforts will contribute to narrow the economic and educational disparities that exists amongst our young citizens.
Core Values
Learning: we believe education is essential to personal development and we encourage a lifelong love of learning.
Diversity: we honor the dignity of each individual and embrace all cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds.
Integrity: we strive to deliver high quality programs and uphold the values of innovation, social responsibility and accountability.
Community: we foster open communication, ongoing collaboration and continued partnerships with businesses, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.
Opportunity: we believe that no matter where you start in life, every person should have a chance for mobility.

Latest News

  • Andson’s GOLF BALL DROP!


  • April 15th, 2015

You can be a part of our 1st Golf Tournament, even if you’re not a golfer! Andson has teamed up with Maverick Helicopters for our exciting Helicopter Ball Drop!

To participate in the Ball Drop, purchase as many golf balls as you wish, using reference # “Ball Drop”. Once you have successfully completed your purchase, you will receive an email [...]

  • Knowing Your Stuff – Money Edition

Knowing Your Stuff – Money Edition

  • April 2nd, 2015

By Hannah Moore

How financially literate do you think you are in comparison to the rest of the general American public? Take this simple yet revealing quiz to find out. Don’t feel bad if you fall short. Statistically, most people do. Even folks with a post secondary education do. The numbers show that 55.7% of Americans with college degrees answered [...]

  • When Taking on Fixed Expenses, Adult Guidance is Invaluable

When Taking on Fixed Expenses, Adult Guidance is Invaluable

  • April 2nd, 2015

By Hannah Moore

Dealing with money responsibly is intimidating enough sometimes for adults, let alone the youth. That is why having support from a parent or mature individual is crucial to youngsters being thrust into the grown-up world of financial matters. By age 23, a colleague had built up great credit and a decent income. This lead her to believe [...]


Governor’s Black Tie Charities

Recognized as one of the Governor’s Black Tie Charities for second year

Pinnacle Achievement Award

Andson is Recipient of the NAST – Pinnacle Achievement Award